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New Programme off to a flying start

26 Aug 2008


Students in MITO's administration programme


The first group of people enrolled in MITO’s Administration Programme (Introductory Management, Business and Computing Programme) attended a two-day induction course in May – and according to attendee Kathryn Gillum, it was “interesting, informative, interactive and captivating from start to finish”.

This two year programme is designed to provide opportunities for both administration and technical teams to enhance their skill base.  It allows participants to gain and develop skills in computing, communication and team-building while learning more about their industry – all with the aim of building career paths, including to management and beyond.

For Kathryn, the programme’s an unexpected bonus, because study was the last thing on her mind. As the Office Administrator for Wellington’s Metro Training Services (MTS) (a private training organisation that specialises in the automotive industry), she’s been busy combining part-time work with caring for her three young children.

“It was my boss, Nick McGirr, who suggested that I do it, MTS offered to pay my fees, and they have encouraged me ever since,” says Kathryn. “I’m excited about the next two years – learning new skills and doing something positive for my career in the future.”


MITO’s Administration Programme offers two Level 3 qualifications – a National Certificate in First Line Management and a National Certificate in Computing. It covers topics ranging from personal leadership and managing workplace priorities to business writing, customer services, quality control, computing and workplace safety.

They’re all skills that programme participant Graham Ellis is keen to learn. Eighteen months ago, he was appointed as Engineering Manager for Cityline – the company that supplies most of Lower Hutt’s bus services. With 160 buses in the fleet (and more arriving later this year), he’s on the go seven days a week. He loves his job – and he’s overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the new programme.

“I’ve been a mechanic all my life and I’ve missed opportunities to learn the administration and management side of things that I need to do my job,” he says.

“For me, this course is all about learning the everyday stuff – especially how to manage, deal with, listen to and talk with the people in my team. And of course I need computer skills – if someone had told me two years ago that I’d be communicating by email today, I wouldn’t have believed them.

“This programme is innovative and informative. I’ve learned so much already, and I’m doing my absolute best to put it into practice – through more effective time management, analysing how I work and finding ways to make the most of my team’s individual skills to improve our overall performance. It’s full on, but I’m hugely motivated and excited.”

The programme participants are now well underway with their study, both individually and in study groups they formed at the induction course, and will attend workshops every second month.

If your interested in taking part in the programme - or know someone who would benefit - simply phone MITO on 0800 88 21 21 or contact your local Customer Services Manager.